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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  August 20, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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to put his money where his passion is. the plans l williams has for now, he wants to put his money where his passion is. the plans thatman tell williams has for the bay area. accused of a -- why attorneys are now saying that phillip might not have the mental capacity for his own trial. and different farms, same recall. the latest salmonella threat. car cared in the -- ram dan observe answer and everyone else. the news starts now. ramadan -- good evening. an amber alert ended with a young girl found safe and her father under arrest. leon sanders surrender to police. officials say this he
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abdeducted his 2-year-old daughter near oakland. they found the suspect's car a couple of hours later, but the girl and her dad were not inside. police finally located them about 4:30. >> our hostage negotiator was able to make phone contact with the subject and he agreed to surrender e came out of this apartment complex here and the daughter was unharmed and he was taken into custody. >> police say the entire ordeal started after the father got into a fight with the girl's mother and then snatched the 2- year-old. the suspect also threatened suicide before he was finally arrested. the little girl is back wither when mom tonight. the mental state of the convicted rapist accused of kidnapping -- they appeared in court briefly today. we learned that the attorney for phillip may try to have him declared mentally unfit for trial. his attorney didn't discuss it
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in own court, but nancy's attorney did outside of the courthouse. >> do you think he's nuts. >> everybody is nuts. >> do you think he's more nuts than the rest of us? probably. >> they are accused of kidnapping her and holding her cap active for 18 years. prosecutors say that phillip rained her when she was a teenager and fathered two of her children. the next scheduled appearance in court -- someone apparently snapped those photographs last weekend and has now put them up for sale. the spokeswoman says i'm saddened by these photos being offered to the media. she is not a celebrity neither are her would minor age girls. they are survivors are violent crimes. it's not clear weather those photos have been sold.
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the nationwide egg recall do to salmonella poisoning includes half a billion eggs from two farms. it's recall happened after lab test confirmed illnesses associated with the eggs. the recalls are related. >> we have a complete list of those as well as identifying numbers that you need to look for on the car tons all on our website. well, you may be wondering how to keep your family from getting sickened by tainted eggs. you can take matters into your own hands. this is one family that guarantees its own safe and
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healthy food. >> reporter: in a couple of months, these chickens will be mature enough to play eggs. for michelle, the hence are her safety net. >> that would be so motorrifying to me if one of my clients got food that was made with a bad egg that made them sick. >> reporter: she says the decision to raise chickens comes at the right time. her eggs already home grown. >> at least i know that my eggs are going to be healthy an organic and safe. they wouldn't have that worry. >> reporter: she says organic food has been routine for years, the family wanted to go a step further. so far, $1 per chick at roughly $400 for feed, hey and the husband built chicken coops. they live in the backyard at the bottom of a steep slope. >> my little girls will come down every morning and they
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will grab the eggs and bring them up to me. we will cook them up for breakfast. >> can't get any fresher than that. >> no. >> reporter: no eggs at least for clients until the salmonella scare is over. though the family still eats eggs every day, for the time being egg dishes for clients are out. >> you want to put them at ease, i'm going to be so happy in a few months to say i have my own eggs. >> reporter: relatives and friends are asking a lot more about keeping chickens. missing the final counties in the bay area -- most counties don't require a permit to raise chickens but animal control can step in if there are complaints about noise or oh door.
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one topic in particular is very personal to one former host. the elm my award winner was in the bay area this week looking for ways to get involved in our local can bass industry. what he did on his trip to oakland. >> reporter: most of used to seeing him on his talk show and you may have seen him selling products on infomercial. you may soon see him downtown selling marijuana. >> reporter: she says this is williams' second visit to oakland in three months. >> he's very interested in supporting the production of select strains of medical
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marijuana to treat illness. >> for 17 years i had a chance to hide. >> reporter: williams went public on the show about his personal battle with multiple similar 0 sis. >> there are about a million and a half that suffer from it today. my primary symptom is pain. >> reporter: he says his only relief is certain strains of marijuana. he's now interested in growing those here in oakland. he wants to know that other sufferers that they are produced responsibly. >> our government grows it. it certain identifies it, it puts a usda stamp on it. >> he's been critical of the feds accusing the government of producing and distributing it but eliminating who receives
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it. >> what right does this government have to say that we're going to give medication to five people and let them be pain free and for all the rest of you, you go to hell. >> reporter: there are currently four areas in oakland but the city is considering three to four more plus consult vacation centers. living in new york does not bar the one time king of daytime from possibly becoming the king of pot. >> he could partner with a local group to apply. >> now three to four new dispense risk could mean a lot more cash for this city. williams maintains that he does not support full legalization of pot. he only supports medical uses. >> thank you. well, there is a new memorial for the bicyclist who was killed by a hit and run driver in san francisco one
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week ago tonight. a white bike covered with flowers has been placed where the tourist was killed. they are calling it a ghost bike in memory of the victim. about a half mile away, protest others and their supporters called for safer streets. >> san francisco would like to proclaim this as being a green friendly. this is the posters child of how unbike friendly we are being. >> they recently unveiled long- term plans for bike safety. but they are saying something needs to be done a lot sooner. coming up, as muslims broke their fast tonight, some opened their homes to nonmuslims what the two groups hope to share over the a meal.
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there's a "keep out" sign around a lake. plus more than half the population can gets smarter from drinking. signs that wine benefits women. >> well, then i must be brilliant. which day this weekend will be the warmest? i will pinpoint that day eyewitness news continues right here on the w -- c -- it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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furlough fridays are back in california but many of the bay area apparently missed the memo. a number of people showed up for their appointments but they didn't mow the office would be closed. they say they checked online even with some employees yesterday and never heard or saw anything about the friday closure. >> we came yesterday to ask them if you are open tomorrow. >> and they said yes. >> they said yes. >> online they said they would be open from 8:00 to 5:00. >> the website now has some correct information. governor schwarzenegger could resume those this month. another court hearing will happen next month as for the next furlough friday, its next week. muslim americans in pal low at oh open their homes tonight.
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they say breaking bread with their nonmuslim guests could increase mutual respect and friendship between the groups. the lessons learned tonight. >> reporter: at an interfaith dinner you could say the main course is -- >> to me, it's just like when people don't give anybody a chance. they don't understand what islam is all about. >> reporter: she has been opening her kitchen and home to host this dinner and dialogue during the past seven years during ramadan. >> there is so much hate now. >> reporter: she says the heated national debate over construction of a mosque in new york comes from a place much fear. she says we now have to move beyond just tolerating each other. >> this is such a bare minimum.
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we tolerate step throat. we top ---- tolerate cancer. that's what we are -- >> reporter: 3 dozen people came from all over the bay area to meet, eat and learn. >> i'm not really interested in all the politics, but it does remind me that if we don't know about a religion then we can't be good advocates. >> he had never met a mute limb until now. >> what -- met a muslim until now. >> what did you learn by coming here. >> i guess human beings like me and you. >> moving from fear to friendship with an empty stomach and an open heart. facing it's worse disaster ever, pakistan is getting some help from the bay area right now. in fremont today, pakistani
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americans collected relief supplies. they will be sent to the 20 million flood victims who are currently homeless and have no food. more than 70 countries have stepped in to help. today's pakistan's united nations ambassador expressed gratitude. they hope to collect enough goods to feel a car go container to send the package. >> they are very poor and have lost everything. , their crops, their houses and their belongings and that's why we are doing this drive. >> the foundation plans to ship the container on monday. if you would like to donate, there will be a drive tomorrow. you can check out our website for information on the location and the hours. there is all kind of things happening around the world but the images coming from pakistan
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are devastating. >> well said. you can visit our website. this is the scene right now. this is the nearly 92% moon on its way to becoming a full moon on august 24th. now in many of our locations you can still view that moon as it's -- in progress. we are tiaraed in overcast conditions. anywhere from 50 degrees to the mid-50s across the bay. 58 degrees in san jose. looks like we actually have some changes in the forecast. not so much with this except it's a deep marine layer, looks like by 11:00 tomorrow we will see the clouds retreat from the inland locations which is quiet late, but we will not see any kind of sunshine along the immediate seashore . it's a well defined trough and it's going to lay on top of this
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state tomorrow and as it slips to the south, it's deepening that marine layer. the temperatures come down. 70 degrees on the south shore. with the winds ahead of this trough and extremely low relative humidity, the bottom line is we have fire weather warning all the way through money. your numbers 74 degrees tomorrow. 63 coming across the -- east of the bay up to 75 in liver moore. that's again 15 degrees below average. it's going to be cooler than than what it was today. here's your extended forecast check it out because sunday will be the warmest of the two days. then the numbers jump up dramatically on monday with the strengthening ridge of high pressure. check this out, he sent us this
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lovely photo. aspen. can you imagine that? >> when you said sierra forecast, you had me worried there. >> it kind of feels like winter around here, doesn't it? >> the coolest summer in the past 40 years. >> we're going back up for a couple of days. >> that's right. monday and tuesday. >> this one did not get away. where you can see her for yourself.
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for the rest of the summer,
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stay out signs will be posted. the lake remain closed because algae has been blooming there. it can be talksics that's why swimming boating and fishing is off limits. >> we're dispointed because we didn't get to swim or get wet because of the lake closing because it's hot out. >> they say the lake will not reopen until at least two weeks after that am jay disappears in the meantime the rest of the park is open including the playgrounds the trails and the picnic areas. there is a new predator roaming the the waters of the a conveyorium tonight. they are looking for some new fish to display when they snagged a seven gill shark. she stretches to almost 10 feet. this is one of its better
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fishtails. >> we were actually fishing for batteries because this was bat rays. >> it's the biggest there. she will be on display for at least a year. we've heard about it for years, the health benefits of an occasional glass of wine, now scientists say it could make women smarter. researchers in norway women who have four or five drinks a week did much better on cognitive tests than nondrinkers. it looked at 5,000 women over seven years. is it because of the wine? experts say it's more likely the result of diet, lifestyle and economics. now they are getting official recognition. social media and wardrop
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malfunction. those two are among the two thousand new terms in the dictionary. also on the list, tweeting of course referring to posting on twitter. also vuvuzelas, those horns you heard. a lot of people couldn't stand them. the words surge and exit strategy. there is also bromance. you will also find stay -- that's all in the newly published edition of english. one of the williams' sisters is already out ten days before it starts. aubrey huff ends the drought but was it enough? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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niners at candlestick... confirmed farve will start for the vikings sunday night. start the clock. madison bumgarner -- the rookie -- seven plus innings giving up two runs and strike out five and aubrey huff hits his first homer in the month of august, no. 2 1 on the season. the giants -- beat the cardinals 6-3. they are five games behind the padres in the west. a's and rays. grounder, pennington beats the
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throw and kouzmanoff scores the go ahead run. a's win 5-4. a foot injury has forced serena williams to withdraw. she injured her foot last month on some glass at a restaurant. >> tampa bay, 69-57. that's why they call them the shock. >> like it never went away. >> that's right. >> good day for baseball in the bay area. >> it was a good day. >> both teams won. giants only five out. >> they were rained out by a dramatic thunderstorm. >> did you have it in your
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